Jewellery is a celebration. A celebration of us, of those close to us, and of life's great moments.

Kirsten Albrecht

Kirsten lives and breathes beauty, art and people.

With more than forty years of her working life in Kozminsky, she is passionate about adornment, and matching the right jewel to the right person.

“There is nothing that gives me more pleasure than seeing a jewel work with a person’s style and personality.”

Japan is my heart country and a source of profound inspiration to my aesthetic.

Her passion for the stylish, the meaningful, and all things green is legendary.

“As the years fall away, I’m more motivated than ever to tell the story of a jewel, so that a fresh generation can be as excited as I am by the mystery and magic of gems and jewels.

“Isidore Kozminsky wrote his book on ‘The Mystery and Magic of Gemstones’ and as life goes on I agree with him even more, that jewels hold life’s most precious memories.”


Dat Van

Dat believes that style and the artisan are inseparable.

A jeweller and designer by profession, with a contagious enthusiasm for people and creativity.

His love of elegance, simplicity and refined form make his creations both beautiful and sublime.

A fellow lover of all things Japan, Dat’s aesthetic inspires his work from The Pirate Ring, through to Camouflage Giraffe brooch and refined Sakura pins.

Dat’s story of arriving in Australia is an example of triumph and bravery and one that he reflects in his Pirate Ring.

His greatest joy in life is travelling, immersing himself in the beauty of foreign cultures and he says that, ‘Beauty is everywhere. In a flower, in sunlight. And of course, in jewellery! It is important to surround ourselves with beauty, in whatever form. It can lift our mood and inspire us!’

Dat’s desire is to create jewellery that tells a story inspired by his travels, and the reflects the wearer of today.