The Sakura Collection is launched to celebrate Spring, and features a selection of limited edition diamond and pearl pendants, and diamond earrings.

Dat Van, who designed and made the collection says, "Japan is a country with which I have a deep affinity. The Sakura is a flowering cherry tree and Japan’s national flower. In late March each year, these beautiful and transient blooms unfurl from the south and gradually make their way up to the North island of Hokkaido. 

The explosion of pale pink and white lasts for a brief two weeks and during this period, the Sakura is celebrated in all its glory. 

The Sakura is a powerful metaphor for human existence, our mortality and living in the present. It is a visual reminder that although life is miraculous, it is also fleeting. 

The Sakura Collection is inspired by this notion. 

We are here for a very short time, so let’s Live Life and Wear Beauty."