Living With Change

Living With Change

Posted by Kozminsky Studio on 7th May 2020

We live in interesting and challenging times.

In forty years at Kozminsky, we’ve experienced many changes, some big some not so.

We’ve moved from Little Collins Street to Bourke Street, and now to Collins Street.

The biggest change, or so I thought, was the move from our three story behemoth to our studio in the sky. 

However I was unprepared for the many changes brought on by Covid 19, and the way it has profoundly affected our lives and work.

We are committed to finding creative and humancentric ways of caring for you during this time of hibernation.

Our much loved talks are coming to you every other Thursday from my living room. William films as we tell our stories of jewels, beauty and intrigue to you as you sip a wine at home.

It’s another way we can stay #togetherapart. We will continue to find ways of staying close, until we can be together again.

Love, Kirsten