A bird’s nest fallen to the ground, an autumn leaf, a shell washed up on the shore, all precious treasures without a price.

A diamond perhaps the most well-known “precious” of gems may be precious, but a Colombian Emerald or a Burmese Ruby can be worth even more...it all depends.

Many factors come into making a gem precious...rarity, quality and even mystery can affect how we value an object.

Precious, semi-precious, names we place arbitrarily on things we human’s value.
Until the last decade jewellers and gem cutters separated to precious and semi-precious gems.

Now there are no boundaries, a tourmaline may be gem quality, a garnet, an opal a natural pearl...the skies the limit.

This change in description is significant.

It allows us the freedom to savour the brilliance, colour and dare I say it, perfection of any gem sourced from the earth, or pearl from the ocean.

Precious is a word we are free to bestow on an object that brings joy, elicits a tear, or helps us see the world that little bit more hopefully.

I have spoken with so many people over the years about the material value of their jewellery, and experienced many different responses.

It is interesting to see how their pleasure rises and falls when I explain the value of their “precious” piece of history.

There is nothing quite as special as the moment I explain that the jewel has no value, and the person responds “it will always be precious to me.”

Therein lies the magic.