I wear an old cut diamond ring set in onyx and gold on my wedding ring finger.

It did not start its life in this form.

Twenty-four years ago I married the love of my life John Lonergan. It was a second marriage for both of us and as Colleen O’Reilly said at our marriage, we had saved the best wine till last.

We had a magical relationship brim full of love and compassion, which lasted until he died suddenly and inexplicably four years ago.

Mourning jewellery has always been part of my worlding, it just makes sense.

At Kozminsky, I have had the privilege of sharing in people’s desire to capture the memory of a loved one in a locket, ring or a precious jewel.

I understand intimately the desire to hold the love in a tangible way, so the decision to recreate my wedding ring into a mourning ring was an easy one.

Our goldsmith worked with me to create what was in my mind’s eye.

The diamond was removed from my ring and fitted into a hand carved oval onyx designed especially.

I used Johnny’s wedding band as my mourning ring’s band.

When I explain the meaning I invariably experience a positive response.

Perhaps it’s time to embrace the loss of our beloved and celebrate their life.