Freud is quoted as saying “work is love”

In many ways those words are true for me.

Kozminsky has been an integral part of my life since I first learnt to speak. 

My earliest memories are of my father and mother threading pearls at night to
make extra money for our family. 

The oh so strong smell of varnish lingering, as my mother and father worked to restore old masters. 

Kozminsky was literally in my DNA, I felt it, I smelt it. 

Dad a gold and silversmith, came from Germany after world war II, and my mum was the ticket writer (now described as a visual merchandiser) at Prouds. 

A highly respected business in the 1950s, Prouds was the first place my dad found employment as their diamond expert. 

A man of great ambition and drive Kurt Albrecht had his sights on an interesting and stylish establishment, Kozminsky. 

He first walked through the doors as a young, passionate and sophisticated immigrant, and some twenty years later the proprietor. 

Originally under vice regal patronage by Lord and Lady Hopetoun, Kozminsky was a respected Antique business.
Under my father’s passionate eye it became THE place to find the rare, the exotic piece of treasure. 

It was a time of collecting, and Kurt was the driving force behind many fabulous collections, ranging from jewels, silver, porcelain and objet d’art. 

It was the time of the general specialist, with a working knowledge across all the arts a necessary requirement in the antique trade. 

Dad had a wealth of knowledge that he loved to share and an insatiable curiosity for information.
When I think back, he would have been an amazing university lecturer. 

He made it one of his life’s missions to teach me either by story or through osmosis all the minutiae that made up life as an antique dealer. 

When I was tall enough to see over the counters I began to talk with clients. 

I don’t recall any level of nervousness or awkwardness (on my part at least) it seemed as natural as helping mum with the ironing, just more fun. 

Looking back all those years I have no idea how I had the emotional presence to sell anything, but I did.
More than forty years later the joy of matching a jewel to a person, continues to be one of my greatest pleasures.
The financial transaction whilst important is secondary to sharing the joy of finding that perfect piece to add to my client’s world. 

There is no arbitrary border between my dearest friends and my clients, they are one and the same.
When we come together in our studio, the world’s cares evaporate and we share beauty, as if that was all that mattered. 

So to today, after over forty years, two marriages and four fabulous children, I am back in Kozminsky, now in Collins Street. 

Kozminsky has now had more than five homes in Melbourne’s CBD, I have been a part of three.
A different journey now upstairs in Collins Street, with Dat Van and I together working on a new way of loving and creating for our clients. 

I feel so privileged to be part of the beautiful and stylish fibre that makes Melbourne special. 

Life is different on a singular journey, Kozminsky Studio makes it precious all over again.