Who we are...

Kirsten and Dat have wandering eyes…of the creative kind.

Jewellery, people, art and travel are integral parts of their lives.
For them, art is one form of reprieve when the world feels a little distorted. They use travel as a form of enrichment, and it is the people they meet along the way that help shape their lives.

March 2017, Kirsten saw the closure of the Bourke Street store after forty years. The road less travelled brought renewed inspiration and a new way of thinking about business.

The love of beauty she had shared with Dat over the years at Kozminsky made him the perfect choice for the next chapter. Someone with whom she would love to share her journey.

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What we do...

At Kozminsky, we provide an intimate and private service, offering the finest antique and modern jewellery along with objects of beauty that will inspire your senses.

Our design service will assist you in creating that exclusive treasure just for you or the loved ones in your life. Whether it is your family heirloom you wish re-imagined or creating a dazzling piece to celebrate that special moment, we will help you make it happen.

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What we believe...

Since the world began, the human tribe has painted and dressed the body with objects found and made.

Throughout time, what we wore expressed who we are, with jewellery playing an enormous role in signifying who we love and what we believe. At Kozminsky, we are passionate about this philosophy and we trust that this approach will bring you as much joy as it does us.

Kozminsky re-imagined...

Looking out on the Plane trees on Collins Street, we have created an innovative space, explorable by appointment.

More of a stylish apartment than a jewellery store, a place that echoes our love for all things beautiful.

Our collection is forever evolving in a space that marries a classical style with contemporary design.

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